Francesca Baker

I'm a writer, journalist and marketer. A storyteller really. I use communication and creativity to help people connect.

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Great experience! Francesca is clearly very knowledgeable about this topic and is well-versed in teaching it. Plus, she had a very friendly approach and took genuine interest in my writing.

It was great meeting in person - the one-on-one format allowed me to discuss my writing project and get Francesca’s specific advice. We went through a few live writing exercises, and I came away with ideas and techniques for making my writing more engaging.

Look forward to meeting with Francesca again to get her feedback once I have tried out her tips!


It was really nice to meet Francesca. I booked her session as I wanted to brainstorm some creative writing ideas for my business. She clearly is a pro when it comes to creative communication and was able to offer some really useful tips.

We met at the British Library cafe which I thought had the perfect atmosphere for a creative writing session. I'm sure I'll be booking her sessions again in the future. Thanks, Francesca!