Ron Lev

A proven record of accomplishment in delivering models that increase the quality and quantity of individual and organisational output.

Extensive experience in creating and implementing initiatives to improve the efficiency of processes within an organisation.

Over six years of entrepreneurial background involving top clients from the retail industry. In charge of those initiatives within Sales, Marketing, Operations and Business Strategy aspects.

James Rubin CEO of Enviro Waste London Ltd : "I had the pleasure of working with Ron Lev for almost two years. All I can say is that Ron is an amazing person with so much to teach and a huge passion for helping people, it will be hard to find someone who cares as much about adding value as much as Ron does."

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My meeting with Ron went quite smoothly. The venue he chose to meet at was very professional and allowed us to delve deeply into the material with little to no external distractions. Ron's model seems very specific and organized, and I certainly look forward to implementing it into my daily routine. I would certainly recommend this session to anyone who is overwhelmed with too much work and needs a way to organize their limited time, or to anyone who has never given too much thought as to how their time is utilized since the model provides a very clear representation of time spent on any given task within any given week.

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Excellent session! I really enjoyed meeting and working with Ron.

He has developed a comprehensive planning and time management framework, which is not just about managing your tasks, but also about why you are doing what you are doing, how to prioritize your activities, and how to keep yourself on track and motivated on a daily basis.

We met at WeWork in Shoreditch, which was very convenient. Ron brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to the meeting and brainstormed with me to build a schedule and system that works for my specific situation - which to me was a very valuable aspect of the meeting.

I will be using the framework and look forward to staying in touch with Ron!