John Wastnage

I trained at the Animas Centre for Coaching. I give my clients a powerful space to think and talk about the things that are important in their life. We explore what it means to be them rather than the person they may feel they should be. For most of my clients it's pretty rare that someone truly listens to and cares about what they want to say. I accompany them in exploring thoughts, feelings, actions and dilemmas with a belief that each individual is capable of choosing what is right for them.

In my work with business owners (and future business owners), I draw on my own experience of running a business, and my understanding of business theory alongside lessons from the businesses I've worked with. This mentoring is useful but the most powerful part is my coaching which draws out the business owner's instincts, ideas and experience and supports them to find solutions that feel right for them and their business.
While a mentor shares can offer good generic advice, I help my clients to connect with their own unique ideas based on an intimate knowledge of their business and what will work best for them.

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Meeting John was exactly what his coaching is about: transformational. As it was my first time, we took his time to tell me about what "coaching" is and is not.

As I am in a very transitional stage of my (early) career and as I was anxious about "doing the right thing", he managed to help me navigate through my frustration and fears.

Needless to say that I have never felt this good about myself in a long time. John knows how to listen and how to ask the right questions. I've gone out of this journey feeling more motivated and able to take a step back to look at all my achievements and my fear of failure. Which is the one thing, I couldn't put my finger on.

I look forward to meeting with him again and would recommend his session regardless of your age.

Which I was pretty embarrassed about at first. How can a twenty-something be THIS worried about their life. Turns out, it comes from deeper.

As I am looking to be my best professional self, this session was one step closer to my goal.

Thank you John!


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Excellent in-person session! John has a very friendly, easygoing manner while at the same time listening carefully, giving thoughtful advice and asking great questions to help you formulate and clarify your ideas.

I got several ideas from our conversation and came away motivated to try them.

Great outdoor location suggested by John made the session even better.

I will definitely be meeting with John in the future.


John's session was wonderful. He came very well-prepared for our meeting, with ample notes on potential topics to cover for my specific needs. He let me know what to come prepared with to utilize our time together as best as possible. During the session, John let me lead most of the topics of discussion while still providing input that I may have neglected to consider until then! This session was a wonderful opportunity to challenge some preconceived notions that were potential roadblocks to getting started in the entrepreneurial field. I would highly recommend John for this session! His presence was very professional and diligent.