Learn financial business plan basics for entrepreneurs

Hi there! I work in finance and have 6+ years experience in New York and London. I’d love to help you learn the basics of financial business plans and think through your project or business idea.

In this 1:1 in-person session, aimed at people without much prior experience, we’ll cover the following:

  • We’ll walk through the basic building blocks of a simple financial business plan, including revenues, costs, cash flows and how they tie together
  • We’ll brainstorm to map out the main drivers of your business plan
  • We’ll create a simple template (in Excel or even just on paper) which you can use to test out your idea

Also happy to answer any general questions you have on finance or business plans.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person!

*NB: Sessions are available on weekends only. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping others so I wanted to make sure that someone offers sessions like these at a price accessible to new entrepreneurs. Also, note that this session is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

Session topic: Entrepreneur Advice
Session type:
Special Offer
#GrowTogether Free Session
Session format:
In-person, 1:1
Audio / video call, 1:1
City: New York
Aside from hanging out here, other awesome things I do: I love backpacking and hiking
Other topics you can ask me about: Sustainability
Cancel up to 24 hours before scheduled time to get a full refund; Reschedule for FREE if unable to attend on the day
What's included:
A drink of your choice
Something else (see additional notes)
Proposed meet-up spot (e.g., local cafe name): Audio / video call
Session length: 60 minutes