Essentials: Introduction to Interview skills

Imagine looking forward to your next interview and actually feel excited!

Interviews can be scary but some simple prep work, confidence work and tips can go a long way!


In this power session we will focus on the key aspect which, from my experience candidates can struggle with: the beginning of an interview.

We will go through how to shape your answer to the key question: why did you apply to this role and what can you bring? So that you feel confident packaging your experience, making a great first impressing and having a confidence boost before any interview!

You can do it!!

This is an introductory session, more in-depth interview skills sessions are available where we can cover specific questions and look at closing an interview effectively.


I have a background in Human Resources and have done countless interviews as well as implemented a global recruitment process.

Interviews are your time to present your best, authentic self and feel good as well as your chance to check the company and role are right for you.

Preparation along with tips and techniques are the key to feeling able to walk into your next interview brimming with confidence.

Session topic: Storytelling & Presenting
Session type:
Special Offer
#GrowTogether Free Session
Session format:
In-person, 1:1
Audio / video call, 1:1
City: London
Aside from hanging out here, other awesome things I do: Life coaching my way around, empowering people and doing what I love! Also getting very excited every time I see a well as doing Barre (the exercise...)!
Other topics you can ask me about: Life Coaching, Wellbeing, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator), Business Training including presentation skill, confidence building and teamwork.
Cancel up to 24 hours before scheduled time to get a full refund; Reschedule for FREE if unable to attend on the day
What's included:
A drink of your choice
Something else (see additional notes)
Proposed meet-up spot (e.g., local cafe name): We can confirm a location in London that works well for both of us!
Session length: 30 minutes