What if TIME increased your productivity?


A proven record of accomplishment in delivering models that increase the quality and quantity of individual and organisational output.

Extensive experience in creating and implementing initiatives to improve the efficiency of processes within an organisation.

Over six years of entrepreneurial background involving top clients from the retail industry. In charge of those initiatives within Sales, Marketing, Operations and Business Strategy aspects.

James Rubin CEO of Enviro Waste London Ltd : "I had the pleasure of working with Ron Lev for almost two years. All I can say is that Ron is an amazing person with so much to teach and a huge passion for helping people, it will be hard to find someone who cares as much about adding value as much as Ron does."

My session will teach you how the Gold Model will change your life.

• Learn five easy steps to an empowered lifestyle

• Create a hierarchy of key focus areas

• Allocate your time effectively, down to minutes

• Put together a tailored weekly plan Together, we will get you where you need to be.

*One week support over the phone

Find here video which explains the model:



Don’t let time stand in your way. Get ready to make some positive change.

Session topic: Growth Mindset & Productivity
Session format:
In-person, 1:1
Audio / video call, 1:1
City: London
Aside from hanging out here, other awesome things I do: Hiking, reading, cycling, running, gym, basket-ball
Other topics you can ask me about: Business strategy, Marketing, Sales, Operation
Cancel up to 24 hours before scheduled time to get a full refund; Reschedule for FREE if unable to attend on the day
What's included:
A drink of your choice
Something else (see additional notes)
Proposed meet-up spot (e.g., local cafe name): WeWork Shoreditch Mark Square
Session length: 90 minutes