Clarity & Creativity Power Hour

About me: I’m a certified international life coach and I help millennials to move from boring jobs they feel trapped in to earning money by utilising their unique creativity instead.

Who is this session for?

This is for you if you have a seed of an idea but are lacking the crystal clear clarity you want. It’s for both people who do not currently work for themselves (so it might be a business idea), as well as those who already work for themselves and are creating a new offering or project.

Working for yourself can be lonely and without someone else to ‘bounce ideas off’ creative thinking can be slower. This session can support you with that.

It’s often much harder to creatively brainstorm alone. Sometimes we need someone else to help us make sense of all of our ideas and piece them together.

In this hour I’ll help you pull together the scattered pieces and we’ll put them together in a way that leaves you feeling inspired, creative and ready to take action. You’ll leave the session with a set of clear actions to take and after 2/3 weeks we’ll catch up over the phone to make sure you’re on track.

Session topic: Creativity & Problem-solving
Session format:
In-person, 1-to-1
Aside from hanging out here, other awesome things I do: When I’m not coaching amazing aspiring millennials, I love to travel, eat amazing food and hang out in nature.
Cancel up to 24 hours before scheduled time to get a full refund; Reschedule for FREE if unable to attend on the day
What's included:
A drink of your choice
Something else (see additional notes)
Good to know / additional notes: Please bring along a notepad and pen :)
Proposed meet-up spot (e.g., local cafe name): TBC (London)
Session length: 75 minutes