Raw Vegan Sweet Treats

This class is to teach you the foundation of making raw vegan treats - once you learn the foundation, you can master any other raw dessert of your choice, it only depends on your creativity!

This class will provide a comprehensive and easy-to-follow introduction into how to step into the world of raw vegan desserts. My intention is to permanently change your relationship to sugar. And for that to happen you’ll need to be here 100% as if your life depended on it, because it actually does.

What we will cover:

- the appliances you need for raw vegan treats

- how and where to source the right ingredients

- how to activate nuts for better digestion

- how to make plant-based milk

- how to make base for any cake out of nuts and seeds

- how to make creamy filling for any cheesecakes

You will leave the session empowered with knowledge how to make amazing raw vegan treats, that are not only incredibly nourishing, but out of this world tasty!

*Recipes do NOT require a dehydrator, so you will be able to recreate these recipes easily in your own kitchen without any fancy equipment.*

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

Shine bright!


Session topic: Wellness & Health
Session type:
Special Offer
#GrowTogether Free Session
Session format:
In-person, 1-to-1
Aside from hanging out here, other awesome things I do: 'Powered by plants' lifestyle and nutrition coaching, gathering with like-minded people and sharing the knowledge about health, wellness and nutrition, and doing everything I can to become a Better Human ;)
Other topics you can ask me about: Plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle (from simple nutritional advice how to transition or just incorporate more plants into our daily life, to ways how to prepare simple yet delicious plant- based dishes, and lots of raw vegan cakes), we can talk about natural chemical-free cosmetics and the way how to enhance sustainability in everyday life.
Cancel up to 24 hours before scheduled time to get a full refund; Reschedule for FREE if unable to attend on the day
What's included:
A drink of your choice
Something else (see additional notes)
Good to know / additional notes: The session contains lots of information, please bring notepad to make your own notes.
Proposed meet-up spot (e.g., local cafe name): TBC
Session length: 75 minutes