Rary Ratsifa

My name is Rary and I'm a marketing professional, passionate about the luxury industry and restaurant industry.
I'm looking forward to learning new skills from awesome people in London!

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It was a pleasure to meet and coach Rary. Her passion and drive shined through during our session. We explored a variety of different areas, learned some new things, and left the session with some challenges for Rary to take away and report back on. I'd highly recommend Rary as a client and look forward to supporting her journey.

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Really loved chatting and running through sales with Rary. What a great student - an amazing level of understanding and great questions.

Frankee Adams about listing Learn How to Sell... Anything! 6 months ago.
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It was a pleasure to meet Rary. She was open to new ideas and quick to understand how coaching works. In this first hour we touched on a number of new ways of perceiving what she is experiencing and she discovered several beliefs that she wasn't aware of. I would recommend Rary as a client to anyone she may approach in the future and I would love to have a further opportunity to work with her.